Teaching olfactory artist and tutor Peter de Cupere (www.peterdecupere.net) is member of MAD-research. He is undertaking a PhD on the use of scents in art. His research project ‘When Scent Makes Seeing, When Seeing Makes Scents’ questions how scent can be context or give context to an artwork.


eter de Cupere about the English Master Visual Arts 'Art Sense(s) Lab': As a professional artist it is important to stay focused and to question your work your whole life. You must (re)search and (re-)invent your own work. In the PXLMAD School Of Arts we find it important that our master students create a lifelong attitude to research for their work, that will carry them through their future as a professional artist.

For young artists that want to make work based on the lower senses, Art Sense(s) Lab' is the only Master Visual Arts course worldwide that focuses so closely on working with scents, taste and touch. The focus of the course lies on giving context to a work through the use of these senses. They are more powerful than the art world once thought. Their power lies in the interaction with society, the environment and the personal experience of the onlooker. Where the focus of the English Master Visual Arts 'Art Sense(s) Lab' is on ‘context through the use of the lower senses’, cross-overs that incorporate all the senses and consider the aspects of time, place and movement are also accepted as student projects. Making paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, performances and videos can be part of your master project.

In the Master Seminar Series Studio Art Sense(s) Lab you will be challenged to talk about your work in front of an audience, and to continually re-think what you make. You will be encouraged to find a focus, a vision and a statement. Your opinion about your work and about that of your colleagues counts; you will be asked to question your own and each other’s vision, concept and work to become a better artist.



Some works realized by Peter de Cupere

For more works and info: www.peterdecupere.net





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