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asselt, Belgium’s most exclusive shopping and fashion city, better known as the ‘Capital of Taste’, is at the centre of the so called ‘Meuse-Rhine Euregion’. This very dynamic region comprises cities like Aachen (D), Maastricht (NL) and Liege (B), and is boosting with economic and cultural innovation. Hasselt is within a one-hour distance from both Brussels and Antwerp and has a lively culture within its old city centre.

The city is easy to reach from Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Köln, Düsseldorf,... 
So is Brussels Airport only 1h traveling by car or train. Hasselt is actually in the center of Europe.
You can easily visit European art cities by train, car, bus and airplane.In the Cultural Centre of Hasselt, theatre, dance and classic and modern music are performed.

The Muziekodroom specialises in concerts of established national and international artists.

The Fashion Museum shows a wide variety of internationally renowned fashion and fashion related exhibitions.

Art Centres Z33 and CIAP focus on contemporary art in a university town that offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment for young and ambitious people.


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